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Rock Solid 


For top leaders who want to (re)build their leadership on a perfectly solid foundation

"Don’t change the fruit, change the root."

Anouk Schaap

Nice to meet you!

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Leadership has to be taken over every area of your life. I like to compare people with trees: it’s impossible for one branch to blossom while another is dying. The tree fully blossoms or it doesn’t. The branches represent the roles you have, your role as a leader – partner - parent. All are connected. When your company is thriving but your marriage is dying, you cannot blossom. When you don’t blossom, your company won’t blossom. The impact of one dying branch is invisible and untouchable but undeniable.  

I have been working with leaders over the past four years. I haven’t helped one leader where the branches weren’t connected. Sometimes it seemed as a miracle: processing something in one’s personal life translated into their business growth of any kind.

One of the key elements of rock solid leadership is self-knowledge: knowing who (you think) you are and how you think. Having self-knowledge is stated as one of the most important skills a great leader should possess. Studies show that most people believe they are self-aware. But it’s a rare quality, even in leaders. I help you growing in this crucial skill. 

Strategic thinking is one of my strengths. It enables me to trace the root cause of your business challenge and turn it around. My toolkit exists of a surprising variety: research – experience and most importantly Biblical knowledge. I built my leadership and business on the Rock of Ages in order to help you (re)building yours.

It’s my mission to make you fully blossom. To support you in building your perfectly solid foundation, as solid as a rock. My name is Anouk Schaap and I am looking forward in serving you and your company.

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What Clients Say

"Thank you for pushing me, for pushing my boundaries. You were a guide and a huge help. Thank you for helping me to open up. I didn't know I needed it, but it freed me and it made a huge impact. At the beginning I felt overwhelmed and I could't make time to reflect, knowing the importance of reflecting, I am now able to reflect with ease and happy to make time for it."


Florian - CEO from Berlin

Take your event to the next level

Climbing the stage is one of my favorite things to do, not because I want to be in the spotlights but because I have a mission to accomplish: challenging your (business’) take on leadership and (re)building the foundation you lead from.


Don’t change the fruit, change the root. I like to address the topics you tempt to avoid, expect challenging questions and a surprising new take on leadership. I combine research and my experience as Executive Mentor with a Biblical approach towards leadership. My vision is for leading companies who are open and curious to truth.


My clients know me for my warm but honest sharpness, strategic thinking combined with creativity and an authentic approach towards future-proof leadership. Each talk is different, my mission remains the same.


A tiny peek in some of my favorite themes:

  • How ownership leads to true leadership

  • The boardroom vision for 2030

  • Why leadership fails without a perfectly solid foundation

Curious how I will take your event to the next level?

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Cooperation is Multiplication

"I believe in powerful collaborations that arise from mutual values. I have built up a warm relationship with below partners, out of these relationships fruitful collaborations have been born. How we collaborate is different with each partner, the why is the same: to serve our customers in their growth.

I am proud of these great collaborations where forces joined to fulfill our visions.

House supports companies that operate sustainably and make a positive impact. They do this by deploying experienced, flexible legal counsels. I support House’ Legal Leaders in their leadership through the General Counsel Mentoring.


Boardtrust offers since the beginning of 2023 Boardtrust Business Mentoring, to contribute to the development of the (future) leaders of MSD and family businesses.


De Verandersupporters help companies translate complex change issues into concrete behaviour. I am affiliated as trainer and coach”.

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In-Company Training

How Ownership Leads to True Leadership


In this training you will learn:


  • how to effectively take your leadership and excel in your leadership.

  • what the direct impact of full ownership is.

  • know and master the leadership model.

  • new tools to inspire your team to become high performers.

This training suited is for leadership teams (junior and senior leadership teams).


Creating a safe working environment


In this training you will learn:


  • why a safe, inclusive and inspiring work culture is necessary to remain relevant and future-proof.

  • what the foundation is of a safe working environment.

  • how to implement a safe environment for yourself and your team.

  • which tools and exercises you can use to excel from this safety.


This training is suited for Senior Management, C-Level Executives and HR directors.

Well-being in the C-suite

In this training you will learn:


  • why well-being is the new norm for the board and all people in the organization.

  • the impact of well-being on the organization and how to prioritize this.

  • how to shape well-being within the board.

  • how to take full ownership of your well-being and where to start implementing it. This training is for C-level executives.

This training is suited for C-Level Executives.

Choose your favorite topic and then choose between an Inspirational Talk - Interactive Workshop or as a Custom-Made Programme


Meet Anouk

Are you facing a challenge you need some support with? 

I am more than happy to help. Click to meet soon!

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