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More about Anouk

The key elements I work with: knowing who you are and how you think are (of course) also the foundation for my leadership and business. Understanding who I am took me about 37 years. It was in the summer of 2022 when I found to answer to the question I have been asking myself for about thirty years: “who am I?” On a very hot summer day God found me and I decided to give my heart and life to Him, the one who gave me my life and purpose. It has been a journey of unlearning what I knew about a religious God towards getting to know the loving God He is. My business is built on Him as my rock. I feel confident to promise that I have your back when we work together, knowing He has got mine.

Rock Solid Leadership is built on the Rock of Ages. This doesn't mean we cannot work together if your don't believe or you have a different belief, on the contrary! Only if you are open for it we integrate it in our collaboration. 

The last couple of years I have been working with Founders, CEO's, Heads of Departments and ambitious professionals. Either in a one on one setting either groep training. My interest for leadership started at a young age which increased when I stepped into leadership positions myself. I have worked for many years in Corporate Finance prior to my entrepreneurial journey. 

I experience my profession as a call to serve leaders at top level. Leadership has to be taken over every area of your life. I like to compare people with trees: it’s impossible for one branch to blossom while another is dying. I serve leaders in making the whole tree blossom again.

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