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Conscious Leadership Workshop

for leaders who want to authentically lead and be known for their great employership






15th September and 27th October

10AM - 4 PM

Oohm in Vogelenzang 

495,- excl. BTW 

Anouk Schaap and Jan van Ginkel

Are you ready to become a future proof leader?

You face challenges as shortage in the job market, a demand for great employership, a safe working environment for everyone, a huge need for more diversity and inclusion, the responsibility of your and your companies legacy and hybrid working after working from home for two years. A culture of connectedness is needed to cope with these challenges and become a future proof company that thrives. In order to built this culture, you are invited to look into your leadership abilities and how it affects your organisation and the people you work with. 

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” 

Change can only come when aware, this is why we believe Conscious Leadership is the future. It is not just our opinion, it has been proven over and over again that good and inspiring leadership starts with knowing yourself. Anouk Schaap en Jan van Ginkel guide you during this workshop into a deeper sense of self-understanding and how it affects your leadership. This is the starting point for a strong and grounded connection with your unique self, your authentic leading abilities and to connect with the why of your organisation. 

What you learn during this workshop

What Conscious Leadership is 

You learn how to become an inspirational leader and how to excell in employership.


How to implement Conscious Leadership


You learn by doing in contact with yourself and your peers. All tools, exercises and the whole set-up of this one-day event is created for you to directly implement.

Growth in self-knowledge and self-leadership

Several researches show that great leadership starts with a high level of self-understanding. You learn who you are, how to listen to your inner compass and how to translate your unique abilities in your leadership.

How to create a safe (organisational) space for growth


Safety is the number one of the human basic needs. As a leader, creating and maintaining a safe space is therefor key. Without safety, no growth. You learn how to implement and create a safe space in your organisation. 

This is a one-day leadership workshop is for:

C-level executives, business owners and leaders who...

― Want to create a safe working environment for themselves and their employees in order to thrive and be known for their great employership

― Want to learn about leading in a fast and ever-changing world

― Are open to new ways to grow as a person and leader

― Want to accelerate their leadership from their core values and translate these in their organisation

― Looking for a group of peers to connect and thrive with (offline)

A full day business event for leaders who want to grow in their leadership and excell in employership.  We carefully selected a group of inspiring leaders who are open and interested in growing as a leader. Together we go on a one-day journey. You will (re)dis-cover your authentic self, your core values and how to implement your unique abilities as a leader. More and more studies show that self-knowledge is the most important ability to master as an inspiratipnal leader. The way we see it, there are no great and inspiring leaders without a great amount of self-knowledge.

We make sure for you to translate this new gained knowledge into your organisation and your leadership. This day is the start of a journey and the starting point to grow as a leader. After this workshop you have the option to continue your journey with us and grow as a conscious future proof leader. 

Board Training Anouk Schaap_edited_edited_edited.jpg

The program

  • You learn how to become an inspirational leader and how to excell in employership

  • Defining yourself as an authentic leader

  • Lunch & connect with your peers

  • How to create a safe workplace where everyone can be themselves?

  • Take your leadership from your core values

  • Tools to bring Conscious Leadership into practice 

About the facilitators

Bewust Leiderschap Management - Anouk Schaap.jpg

Anouk's core strength is to create a safe space in order for leaders to expand and grow personally and professionally. She combines her corporate financial experience with her passion for leadership and consciousness as a trainer and speaker. She is a strong visionair if it comes down to leadership and businesses of the future and supports leaders in in their journey of prepartion for it. 

Portret Jan van Ginkel_edited.jpg

Jan combines years of experience in business with a profound personal process. During his studies in human development, he immersed himself in the field of psychology of people in organizations. He is highly intuitive, comes to the core and combines strength with vulnerability.

They both know and understand business, are well-known as speaker and trainer and are more than ready to support you as a leader in your journey towards excellent leadership and employership.

Meet us!

Do you have questions about this event or can't you wait to meet us? Send us an email and we will get back to you within 48 hours.



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