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Some of these publications are in Dutch only

Interview by FemalexFinance

I hosted a worskhops for the members of FemalexFinance about taking full responsibility Upfront FemalexFinance interviewed me about my vision on future-proof leadership and the needed skills to become a future-proof leader. 

“It’s important that we learn to listen to understand instead of listen to react. I think we’re wired to listen to respond. But instead, listen to understand. How do you make sure that you understand the other person? And how do you make sure the other person understands you? So, be quick to listen and slow to speak.”

Curious to the tips I gave? Read the full interview  

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Harper's Bazaar Business Club

Harper's Bazaar Business Club invited me as expert to share my vision on how to have better conversations based on leadership principles. 

article was written about the evening (in Dutch)


Let's Explore Magazine

I got the privilege to fill eight full pages for the International Magazine: Let's Explore Magazine with my vision on Empowerment. It turned into a personal story translated into lessons. This article is supported with pictures of the talented Yannick van Leeuwaarde

Curious to my and others' stories? Your copy can be ordered


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Meet Anouk

Are you facing a leadership challenge you need some support with? 

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